January 2016 Student of the Month Jamie Pollard

The first Student of the Month award for 2016, was won in January by Jamie Pollard. Jamie started training with us, partly because his 3 children do and wanted to join in and help them with their training at home.

Jamie’s Eldest Son Nathan competes in the ring in both Kickboxing and Boxing. Jamie has fitted in well and worked hard in class, looking to learn but understand what we teach and how to use it most.

Jamie is also looking to be part of his son Nathan’s fight team.

Why you don’t need to get fit to start Martial Arts this January!

People often say to Martial Arts instructors, that I will start Martial Arts once I have got fit enough. Then we never see them, ever turn up to a class, partially because they don’t fully know what’s involved and how fit the need to be. But why do people feel they need to get fit first? When Martial Arts training can get you fit.

Martial Arts is widely accepted to have many benefits, one of them is to get fitter, as Martial Arts training involves lots of aerobic and anaerobic fitness and due to the repetitive nature of some of the drills it help tone the body up as well. As most Martial Arts sessions involve lots of short bursts of activity which help improve the fitness of the participant. It’s very easy to feel hotter and to sweat in a Martial Arts class for more than 20 minutes which is all that is needed to improve your fitness level.

As most Martial Art classes last 45-1.5 hours and sometimes longer it isn’t hard to see how it can rapidly change an individual’s fitness level. So next time you’re thinking about getting fit, why not join your local Martial Arts club and give it a try.

Why not attend one of the South West Kickboxing Academy and Martial Arts (SWKA). We have a class in Tavistock at the Community Sports Centre and we have more classes launching soon. For more details please visit swkickboxingacademy.com or contact Steve on 07773863518 or email sculpting_fitness@hotmail.com


End of 2015 SWKA Awards

The 18th December 2015, was the last South West Kickboxing Academy and Martial Arts (SWKA) class for 2015. It resulted in the end of a years hard work and commitment for students and coaches. 4th Dan Head Coach Steve Lilley ” All students have worked very hard and made great progress and on the last session of the year we like to draw attention to those who have made great progress”. “It’s also the time I can thank my coaching team who support me for all their hard work, so I’d like to thank 2nd Dan Chris Morgan and 1st Dan Matt Lake.”

The December last sessions results in Decembers Student of the Month being won, which was awarded to Peter Walters-Fox, for his efforts in December. We then came on to the Most Improved Student of the Year, which had 3-4 candidates in the running. It was Won by Nathan Pollard, who has had an amazing year in his training. He’s now helping out in classes, and started competing in the ring. Nathen was narrowly beaten to Student of the Year by his sister Courtney Pollard, who is our youngest student. Her infection enthusiasm to, her training and always willing to try and work hard in class is fantastic. She’s always ready for class hours before training and practices hard at home with her older brothers.

Steve would like to thank all those who have supported the club this year, and thank Tavistock Community Sports Centre’s team for the use of their faculties. We do have space for new starters in January, and those with or without Martial Arts Experience wanting to come along are most welcome from Friday 8th December 7.35-9pm in the Gymnasium . You can contact Steve for more details on 07773863518 or email sculpting_fitness@hotmail.com or visit www.swkickboxingacademy.com for more details.

Young Nathen Star’s in his first kickboxing bout in Guildford

Local buy Nathen Pollard from Tavistock who trains with the South West Kickboxing Academy and Martial Arts (SWKA) and Tavistock ABC went up to London to complete in the MAAS Championships.

Nathen who’s been training since the age of 11 in kickboxing , with a short break before returning in March this year, entered the ring for the first time to complete as a kickboxer aged 14. Getting in the ring is a big challenge for everyone, but Nathen’s commitment to his training has been fantastic since he returned in March, a bit taller and older.  The MAAS Championships attendance, was a big ask with Nathen’s family traveling up to Guilford for the event on Friday Night before completing on the Saturday. Nathen younger Brother Joshua who also trains with the SWKA, got to witness what it’s like on the day and now needs to decide if he wants to follow in Nathen’s footsteps and enter the ring in 2016.

Nathen fought well in his bout and drew great reviews from all the coaches who witnessed Nathen fight. Nathen was one of the stand out performers on the day. Nathen is now being considered for a British Title fight in 2016. Nathen controlled his fight well with quick hand speed and use of the ring, which challenged his opponent who just wanted to stand in the middle of the ring and stand toe-to-toe, however, Nathen used the ring to his advantage.

Both Nathen Dad Jamie and SWKA Head Coach Steve Lilley 4th Dan, were very proud of Nathen’s performance. Steve said “ Nathen’s performance was one of years of experience in the ring, he listened well and followed the game plan. We have work to do to be prepared for a future title fight in 2016 and need to get Nathen some more ring experience.”

Where hoping that in 2016 Nathen can bring back a British title to Tavistock. For anyone who wishes to give kickboxing a try or wanting to get involved in martial arts or looking to complete. Then please contact Steve on 07773863518, email sculpting_fitness@hotmail.com or visit www.southwestkickboxingacademy.com. If you wish you can just come along one Friday night 7.35-9pm at Tavistock College in the gymnasium.

October Gradings

Well done to all of those who graded in the October club grading. There were some great performances from all students.

The next club grading will be taking place around March, giving students the chance to get back to their levels following xmas and any new students will also be grading then as well. It was great to start adding tabs to student’s belts, showing their levels of achievement.

All those who passed their grading’s are another step close to achieving the converted black belt. Students need to remember each step closer the requirements get higher and the more techniques get to perform increase.

SWKA October Student of the Month

Congratulations to young John, on winning October student of the Month.

John has worked hard over the past month and we are hoping he will continue to raise his level of train even further over the course of the rest of this year and into next year. John has started to not to let his frustrations get the better of him and his, efforts and achievement have increased dramatically. Well Done John!

August Student of the Month

I know it’s a bit late but here we have the announcement of the August Student of the Month. Young James, receiving his student of the Month Trophy from 2nd Dan Chris Morgan.

James has been training with us for a while and is starting to make great strides in his kickboxing. Were looking forward to seeing him in his up coming grading.

Anyone wishing to take up Martial Art’s in the West Devon and East Cornwall regions, please contact us. Were always looking forward to new students joining us.

July Student of the Month 2015

Our winner of the July 2015 student of the month is our youngest ever student. Courtney Pollard, won the Student of the Month for July, having only just started Kickboxing at the End of June/early July.

Courtney always trains with a smile on her face, which is great to see, she listens well and follows instructions well. She doesn’t get phased by training with people older and bigger than her. She’s always full of enthusiasm for training. All these reasons are why she won student of the month. Were hoping she carries on like this with the rest of her kickboxing training. She’s progressing well like her older brothers Nathan and Joshua, and at the SWKA were looking forward to seeing how they all progress.

What makes a Black Belt or great Black Belt in Martial Arts

A Black belt in Martial Arts is seen by most people as a pinnacle of their time in Martial Arts and a High achievement. For some it is the top level you can achieve but also the time when you stop learning. However, meet any real black belt and they will tell you they have only just started to learn, just because you have learnt all the moves and show some real skill, and now must learn how to adapt your skills, how best to utilise them but also learning when they will and won’t work.

Patience is something it takes not just too get to get your black belt. It takes many years to get your black belt, but also patient is required to learn and start to master a number of kicks and combinations which you will learn. However, the patient is not just in yourself but also that of having patience with others. For example your training partners holding the pads for you, and with others who struggle to pick up skills when learning or to carry out activities.

Attitude of a black belt is very important, a black belt needs to have patients, but also be willing to help others when they are struggling and offer to help when they see newer students struggling. It’s also about following instructions from their instructor, sensei or master, in classes, rather than doing their own thing, therefore, setting a positive example to others in the club. The attitude is also about how they commit to training, by training regularly but also helping other, by putting them before themselves.

Commitment to the cause is also a key aspect, black belts will train regularly when they can, when you run a club it can be difficult to do train, but when your training for your black belt you should be looking for every opportunity to learn from your instructor, Sensei or master to ensure you will be ready for your black belt grading. Whether this is in class or in private sessions this is important to ensure you get all the input you need and ensure you are properly prepared.

Dedication to the art, which is about making sure you master the basics and not taking on to many arts in one go. When your start learning to many arts in one go without mastering anything, everything gets diluted, and they your performance drops.

Putting others before yourself is important, because by the time you are about to reach your black belt or reached it you should know you’re only as good as your training partner. If you don’t help them improve you will stagnate and head backwards. But also if you don’t look after your partner you won’t have anyone wanting or willing to work with you in class. Theirs’s no point in complaining about the standard of others if you’re not willing to help improve those around you and challenge them to become better.

Seeking perfection is about always analysing what you’re learning and working out when it would be practical and when it would not be. Therefore, being able to work out how to tweak things to improve it and what you could do instead. It’s also about constantly setting yourself little challenges to improve yourself, whether it’s kicking a bit higher, jumping higher or not getting hit as much during sparring or a fight.

Self-learning is about trying to identify for yourself were your weaknesses are, is it fitness, if so do you spend time away from your club working on this? Do you identify where you feel your weak, or ask your instructor, sensei or master how can I be better and then follow up on it.

As you can see there are many things to consider when you want to achieve your black belt or get through of as a great black belt by others. Why not find one or 2 black belts whom you look up to and watch the little things they do, and the way they are with others, which may improve yourself as a martial artist.