August Student of the Month

I know it’s a bit late but here we have the announcement of the August Student of the Month. Young James, receiving his student of the Month Trophy from 2nd Dan Chris Morgan.

James has been training with us for a while and is starting to make great strides in his kickboxing. Were looking forward to seeing him in his up coming grading.

Anyone wishing to take up Martial Art’s in the West Devon and East Cornwall regions, please contact us. Were always looking forward to new students joining us.

SWKA presents the South West Rope Dojo

If your Looking for Martial Arts Training in the West Devon and East Cornwall area. The SWKA are launching a new class under the name South West Rope Dojo. The class will be a 45 minute class.

The class will be on a Monday night at Tavistock College Sports Centre 7.30-8.15pm. The class will be teaching Hojojutus, which is the Japanese federal Art of rope restraint and use of ropes in daily life.

It is a small class with limited numbers of 10 allowed. We are probably the only Hojojutus club in the whole of the South West. Due to the nature of the techniques practice it is for over 18’s over and you must be willing to be tied up by your partner. We will also be using equipment such as Kaginawa’s for grappling hook work.