Andy Melville, achieves his 1st Dan in Kickboxing

The long journey and losing the door on basic training has been achieved my Andy Melville of the South West Kickboxing Academy (SWKA). Andy has been training with the SWKA for 3.5-4 years and finally hit the level where he has mastered the basics and now starts on the path of his real learning. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve the level of 1st Dan in any Martial Art.

They say out of every 10,000 people who take up Martial Arts only 10 people get to 1st Dan. It is also a very special achievement for the SWKA club and head coach 4th Dan Steve Lilley. As it is Steve’s and the clubs first ever student in its 8.5 year history, that they have taken a student who hasn’t transferred in from another club and reached the level of 1st Dan.

Andy’s grading took place up at South West kickboxing, where 2nd Dan Mike Rowling successfully passed his 3rd Dan in kickboxing in a joint session between the 2 Martial Arts Clubs, which have a long history together between head coaches 4th Dan Steve Lilley and 3rd Dan Mike Rowling, going back to 2003/04 when Steve and Mike both trained as part of Kicksport UK. Gareth Banner-Taylor also successfully passed his 1st Dan to.

Anyone wishing to take up kickboxing, or has been inspired by Andy’s achievements, they should contact Steve on 0777386358, email, or visit the SWKA website for more details.

Charity Fight Night

On Saturday the 27th June Steve travelled up to Illminster to take part in a charity fight night. The fight night was in aid of supporting hospitals neo-natal units on the South West and was a great chance for Steve to Network with other local clubs.

Steve helped judge the fights thought-out the night, which I haven’t heard how much we managed to raise. Steve also fought on the show in a points bout. Where their is no continuous fighting, going down 15-10 to specialist and expert points fighter Mark Fry from Exeter. It was a first bout for Steve as it was the first time he took part in a bout taking place in a fighting cage rather than a boxing ring or on matt’s.

Throw Back Thursday- SWKA’s first ever grading

Since it’s a Thursday, I though I’d post a picture from the clubs first ever grading where Kerry Crowther received her 1st Dan Black belt in Kickboxing and Andy Miles received his red Belt.

Andy left the club in the summer of 2009 to go to university up country and Kerry went on to become an important coach and advisor in the clubs development during it’s early years. Kerry currently doesn’t train due to work and family commitments but has and always will be an important member of the club. It is interesting seeing all the old faces and how people have changed as well as the club.