21st June MAAS fight day and Satellite Promotion fight show

On Sunday 21st June, head Coach Steve Lilley 4th Dan, Andy Melville and his brother Rob Melville commuted up to Surrey to the Tolworth Recreation Centre for another MAAS fight day. Steve Lilley spent time refereeing and judging when not supporting Andy with Rob’s help in his semi-contact fight during the day. Andy put in a great performance narrowly losing to his competitor.

Head coach Steve stayed to help with Satellite Promotions evening show. Steve is one of the regular judges for their 3 evening shows run by form Kickboxing, K1 and MMA national fighter Steve Dossett and Tony Newman from Te-At-Su Back Street Dojo, both based up in Surrey.

Steve competed in a charity bout where he used short escreama sticks against Harvey Dossett armed with Nunchaku. Before later during the evening standing in at 10 minutes for a fighter who was called away as a result of a family emergency. Steve took on one of Steve Dossett’s Hersham fighters Mark Warren, for his first experience in the ring.

Were now looking forward to the next MAAS fight day and Satellite Promotions fight show in November at the Guilford Spectrum.

Throw Back Thursday- SWKA’s first ever grading

Since it’s a Thursday, I though I’d post a picture from the clubs first ever grading where Kerry Crowther received her 1st Dan Black belt in Kickboxing and Andy Miles received his red Belt.

Andy left the club in the summer of 2009 to go to university up country and Kerry went on to become an important coach and advisor in the clubs development during it’s early years. Kerry currently doesn’t train due to work and family commitments but has and always will be an important member of the club. It is interesting seeing all the old faces and how people have changed as well as the club.

Competition Advice

Since it’s come round to another fight day, I thought I would pen down some great tips, on how to be successful when competing in a Kickboxing bout. I help referee and judge at national events, and have been doing this for a few years and I help with K1, Semi contact, semi-heavy and full contact kickboxing. These are in no particular order.

* Don’t stand still, might seem a bit of common sense but it is common for people when they don’t have any ring experience to fade under the spotlight of an event and not perform. Standing there makes your opponent’s live easier as you’re an easier target.
* Don’t always back down in a straight line, simple reason is this makes it easier for your opponent to unload back on to you. You will know from training that as soon as you finish blocking you want to hit back directly where the blows came from. If you have taken a few steps back at an angle you won’t be where you opponent things you will be or are, which gives you a little breather but also, it can open your opponent up for you to strike when they’re not expecting it.

* Use the ring space, only engage your opponent or let them engage you when you’re ready to strike or take contact. This is about controlling your opponent. Putting space between you and your opponent, a few steps so you’re not in easy striking reach, allows you to quickly think and get your breath back. You see professional boxers doing it all the time, they are saying what worked well, didn’t anything I can capitalise or weakness I spotted, which I will capitalise on when I engage my opponent again. This will annoy your opponent and they will lose concentration and therefore, tire and become easier to fight.

* Don’t throw one strike and then step back. There’s no point throwing one hit and trying to celebrate it. The first 1-2 strikes of any combination you throw at an opponent is meant to be ensuring that you are in striking distance and testing their guard the 3-5 hit before you get out are meant to make scoring contact. As I’d hope your opponent is too busy blocking strikes 1-2 that they are not ready to defend strikes 3-5.

* Don’t drop your guard. Hands and forearms are meant to protect your head and rib cage, stomach and lower you can use your legs to block. If you lower your hands to protect your stomach, then you leave your head exposed and an experience or quick fighter will soon be capitalising on this. Remember your head contains your brain. It’s like a computer, it gets hit and doesn’t always work properly for a short period of time whilst it sorts it’s self out. Which could spell the end of your fight, as it will slow down your reaction time, and next few quick blows, could result in you being knocked out, as your concentration has been impaired.

* Make sure you know the rules, what is legal and what is not. I once stupidly decided to compete when I left my organisation to set up on my own. I went to the ISKA World Championship qualifiers in Birmingham. I’d never competed before and had no corner team. I didn’t know the rules and went in and fought a number of lads who competed at least once a month. Not knowing the rule’s did not help my performance but it defiantly helps knowing what will score you points and what will get you a warning.

* When an opponent is striking you, try and turn the attack onto them, this will annoy your opponent. It will take their mind of striking you and into blocking. This can be tricky depending on how you’re being attacked, but it will break their confidence, as they won’t like not being able to score points against you.

There are many more points I could add to this blog and I will probably add to it in the future, but I hope it helps you with your fights, and helps you win a few more bouts.

Afternoon training event and grading 16th August

Steve is in Talks with Mike Rowling, from South West Kickboxing about the return of the 2 clubs meeting up for a joint training and grading day. More details are to follow but here’s a little back ground into the clubs events.

Both 4th Dan Steve Lilley and 2nd Dan Mike Rowling both trained together under 9th Dan Master Gary Harrison, for a number of years before leaving his organisation and both the South West Kickboxing Academy and Martial Arts and South West Kickboxing were formed in the years from 2008. Both clubs have met and run joint sessions in the past in Tavistock, but this year the plan is to get back into hosting a joint session and this time visiting the home of South West Kickboxing Bridport way.

Steve is really excited about going up to visit South West Kickboxing and looking forward to seeing what Mike has built. We have been talking for a few years about making it a more regular session and alternating venues, which is something we will be discussing going forwards.

More details to follow.

May Student of the Month

May Student of the Month

Congratulations to Josh Pollard on winning March’s Student of the Month.


Josh is new to Kickboxing and only been training a few weeks. Josh’s commitment to training and trying to learn and pick up the art has impressed head coach Steve a lot. Where hoping Josh progresses on to achieve great things like his older brother Nathan.

Sparring Day in Ispwich

Ispwich 12th July

We have been invited to a 12-5pm sparring day up in Ispwich by another MAAS club. It’s a mixed junior and adult day. You don’t have to spar all day. But could be a great day organised by Andy Thompson of the Apollo club in Ispwich.

I’m currently considering going up for the event if anyone is interested.

21st June MAAS Fight day


Steve and Andy will be attending the MAAS fight day in Surrey on the 21st June. Both will be progressing their fight careers toward title fights. Steve will also be progressing his blossoming Judging and refereeing career.

Steve will also be involved with the evening show and will possibly stepping in the ring during the evening show as a stand in if any fighters drop out on the day.