Spirit Combat

Spirit Combat Kingston specializes in the Aiki-Jujitsu syllabus of Spirit Combat International. Mixing Jujitsu, Aikido, and Kick Boxing, our syllabus is unlike any other. Founded in the UK by Professor Brian Dossett, Spirit Combat was one of the UK’s mixed martial art style.

We are careful to separate “the art” – the techniques and concepts behind them that are not street effective – from “self-defense”; as the one and the other are very different.

You will learn a martial art, how to defend yourself, how to keep fit and the all-important discipline when you come to us – but most importantly, no matter your age, you’ll have fun!


Children’s Syllabus

We have a dedicated Children’s Syllabus, which is an effective form of Jujitsu, however, does not include joint locks or anything else harmful to little ones’ growth!

We aim to have fun whilst learning jujitsu all the way up the grades to Black Belt. We want to inspire confidence in all of the children that join us (it helped Sensei Alex!), and as they get older and to higher grades, we promote them to Junior Instructors.

Classes start with a warm up and end with games!

The kids class is open to kids aged 5-13 years old (height and maturity taken in to account from 12 upwards as to Junior or Adult’s class).


Adult’s Syllabus

The Adults syllabus mixes Aiki-Jujitsu with Kick-Boxing and Weapons elements.

The syllabus looks at all kinds of attacks, from knife attacks to grabs-from-behind and everything inbetween. Using traditional jujitsu techniques as well as some with modern twists, you’ll be using joint locks, throws, pressure points and strikes to take opponents to the ground and then lock them up and control them.

We start with a warm up before moving onto techniques; you don’t need to be super-fit to train with us; just have a will to try and desire to learn, and we’ll help get your fitness up over time.

A fun, effective and a good work out; it’s exactly what you need to relax each week!

The best way to understand what we do is to come on the mats and have a go.

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  • I love attending classes as it get me out exercising and meeting new people. Whilst helping me develop as a person and improve my concentration.


    Taz Spirit Combat and Kickboxing Student
  • The reasons I train with swka: the people I train with are good people, there is always a laugh and a joke to be had, the people are there because they want to lean a new skill set, the instructors are top notch, and we always go away from each lesson having learnt something new

    Adrian, Student who is now a 1st Dan Black Belt