End of 2015 SWKA Awards

The 18th December 2015, was the last South West Kickboxing Academy and Martial Arts (SWKA) class for 2015. It resulted in the end of a years hard work and commitment for students and coaches. 4th Dan Head Coach Steve Lilley ” All students have worked very hard and made great progress and on the last session of the year we like to draw attention to those who have made great progress”. “It’s also the time I can thank my coaching team who support me for all their hard work, so I’d like to thank 2nd Dan Chris Morgan and 1st Dan Matt Lake.”

The December last sessions results in Decembers Student of the Month being won, which was awarded to Peter Walters-Fox, for his efforts in December. We then came on to the Most Improved Student of the Year, which had 3-4 candidates in the running. It was Won by Nathan Pollard, who has had an amazing year in his training. He’s now helping out in classes, and started competing in the ring. Nathen was narrowly beaten to Student of the Year by his sister Courtney Pollard, who is our youngest student. Her infection enthusiasm to, her training and always willing to try and work hard in class is fantastic. She’s always ready for class hours before training and practices hard at home with her older brothers.

Steve would like to thank all those who have supported the club this year, and thank Tavistock Community Sports Centre’s team for the use of their faculties. We do have space for new starters in January, and those with or without Martial Arts Experience wanting to come along are most welcome from Friday 8th December 7.35-9pm in the Gymnasium . You can contact Steve for more details on 07773863518 or email sculpting_fitness@hotmail.com or visit www.swkickboxingacademy.com for more details.

Young Nathen Star’s in his first kickboxing bout in Guildford

Local buy Nathen Pollard from Tavistock who trains with the South West Kickboxing Academy and Martial Arts (SWKA) and Tavistock ABC went up to London to complete in the MAAS Championships.

Nathen who’s been training since the age of 11 in kickboxing , with a short break before returning in March this year, entered the ring for the first time to complete as a kickboxer aged 14. Getting in the ring is a big challenge for everyone, but Nathen’s commitment to his training has been fantastic since he returned in March, a bit taller and older.  The MAAS Championships attendance, was a big ask with Nathen’s family traveling up to Guilford for the event on Friday Night before completing on the Saturday. Nathen younger Brother Joshua who also trains with the SWKA, got to witness what it’s like on the day and now needs to decide if he wants to follow in Nathen’s footsteps and enter the ring in 2016.

Nathen fought well in his bout and drew great reviews from all the coaches who witnessed Nathen fight. Nathen was one of the stand out performers on the day. Nathen is now being considered for a British Title fight in 2016. Nathen controlled his fight well with quick hand speed and use of the ring, which challenged his opponent who just wanted to stand in the middle of the ring and stand toe-to-toe, however, Nathen used the ring to his advantage.

Both Nathen Dad Jamie and SWKA Head Coach Steve Lilley 4th Dan, were very proud of Nathen’s performance. Steve said “ Nathen’s performance was one of years of experience in the ring, he listened well and followed the game plan. We have work to do to be prepared for a future title fight in 2016 and need to get Nathen some more ring experience.”

Where hoping that in 2016 Nathen can bring back a British title to Tavistock. For anyone who wishes to give kickboxing a try or wanting to get involved in martial arts or looking to complete. Then please contact Steve on 07773863518, email sculpting_fitness@hotmail.com or visit www.southwestkickboxingacademy.com. If you wish you can just come along one Friday night 7.35-9pm at Tavistock College in the gymnasium.